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Democratizing IoT Security Together With Our Partners

IoT is changing the world as we know it, bringing new opportunities and innovation to almost every industry. We’ve seen this first hand at Ordr, where our customers in healthcare, manufacturing, retail and government are reaping the benefits and efficiencies of IoT.

Whatever the business outcome — from patient diagnostics to inventory management to building access – there is a sensor, system or device that delivers on that promise. The real challenge is ensuring the visibility and security of all these devices. With more than 25 billion IoT devices deployed in 2020, and 75 billion expected in 2025, the downside of playing fast and loose with IoT security can be devastating. As Zeus Kerravala, Principal Analyst at Zeus Research, said, “Every connected device is a potential attack vector, especially when deployed outside the purview of security and IT. In order to secure their devices, organizations must start with visibility into what is actually connected but most organizations don’t have the time or resources to do this manually, and have had to live with the risk of not knowing what’s lurking in the shadows.”

This is why we launched our new IoT Discovery Program – to shine a spotlight on what’s previously been in the shadows. The IoT Discovery Program includes a complete kit – Ordr Core and zero touch provisioning sensor– to discover and classify IoT (and shadow IoT) devices in the enterprise. The IoT Discovery Program is so simple and seamless, it removes resource or project barriers that prevent organizations from truly understanding what is in their network

We’re especially proud to have the IoT Discovery Program available through Ordr channel partners, including Cadre, Carousel Industries, GuidePoint Security, Logicalis, Novacoast, and The Teneo Group. We’ve been working with these strategic partners and their enterprise customers in early deployments of Ordr Core and the IoT Discovery program since the beginning of the year.

The feedback from the program has been overwhelmingly positive, and we hope you’ll give it a try. Our partners are standing by, ready to help you get started today.

  • “I am a security researcher focused on all kinds of malware and I was surprised it found all of these issues quickly and the details are amazing” – Mike L., Software Company
  • “Pretty amazed with what Ordr collects and the details of what it collects” – Ron B, Financial Services
  • “Easy to use, plug and play, I got a lot of info quick.” – Chris L., Security Company
Greg Murphy

Greg joined Ordr as CEO in December 2018. Previously, he was VP Business Operations for the HPE Aruba Group, the 4,000 person networking and IoT business unit of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In that role, Greg was responsible for leading the business integration of Aruba and HP Networking following HP’s $3 billion acquisition of Aruba Networks in 2015. Greg held multiple prior senior executive positions within Aruba, including SVP Business Operations, GM of network management software, GM of outdoor and mesh products and VP of Marketing. Greg joined Aruba in 2008 through its acquisition of AirWave Wireless, a network management software provider that Greg founded and led. Greg received his M.A. from Stanford University and his B.A. from Amherst College.

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