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Ordr Named IDC Innovator for Healthcare IoT Security

The risks associated with a large, connected device attack surface are getting harder to ignore. In recent weeks the U.S. Cybersecurity Infrastructure & Security Agency (CISA) and National Security Agency (NSA) issued a joint advisory on threats associated with operational technology (OT) such as the industrial control systems (ICS) that many critical infrastructure organizations rely on to run their facilities. Overseas the European Union enacted two new regulations mandating stricter cybersecurity requirements for connected medical devices, otherwise known as the internet of medical things (IoMT).

Ordr has been working hard to provide the means for organizations in industries like healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, life sciences, and government to protect themselves from those threats since 2015. And we are always happy when those efforts are recognized because it means more awareness of the dangers to critical systems and of the tools available to keep them protected.

Ordr Recognized as a Leader in Healthcare IoT Security

On September 20, International Data Corporation (IDC), one of the leading information technology market intelligence advisors, recognized Ordr as a leading innovator in IoMT security solutions in their report, IDC Innovators: Healthcare IoT Security Products, 2022.

IDC describes healthcare organizations as “high-value targets for cyberattacks. As more medical devices are connected, the attack surface that bad actors can exploit has increased dramatically and a single breach can lead to a multitude of undesirable outcomes. Meanwhile, traditional information technology (IT) cybersecurity solutions are not designed to protect the wide range of medical devices used in supporting healthcare.”

As more medical devices are connected, the attack surface that bad actors can exploit has increased dramatically. — IDC

Ordr Provides Ground-to-Cloud Protection

Ordr’s platform provides protection for those environments by enabling complete ground-to-cloud visibility of all IoMT, IoT, and OT devices whether they are on-premises or remote, no matter if they are communicating locally or across complex digital supply chains. Then, we provide precise, contextual, real-time understanding of the operations and data flows of each device on the network, automating dynamic security policy generation and enforcement in the event a threat is detected. We can do this because the Ordr Data Lake is populated with detailed operational profiles for millions of devices.

When any device strays from its deterministic parameters, Ordr detects that change and automates proscribed actions to protect the device and its operational ecosystem. This is vital to preventing attacks against connected devices, containing threats by blocking lateral movement to and from connected devices, and maintaining operational resiliency for critical infrastructure targets, like hospitals and healthcare organizations, that are frequently targeted by ransomware gangs.

Ransomware an Ever-Present Threat

“Ransomware is an ever-present threat and can be particularly devastating in the healthcare sector, where even a few minutes of downtime can have deadly consequences. Protecting connected medical devices, many of which were not designed with security in mind, is now a top priority for IT and biomedical engineering departments. Medical IoMT security products provide much needed ‘context’ about devices and how they are being used so that smart decisions can be made to reduce their cybersecurity risks,” said Ed Lee, research director, Internet of Things and Intelligent Edge: Security at IDC.

Medical IoMT security products provide much needed ‘context’ about devices and how they are being used so that smart decisions can be made to reduce their cybersecurity risks, — Ed Lee,  IDC

In addition to this recognition from IDC, Ordr was named a healthcare IoT security market leader for an unprecedented third straight year by KLAS Research, recognized as a member of the CyberTech100 most innovative and pioneering companies that are helping financial institutions combat cyber threats and fraud, and is trusted by leading healthcare organizations like Cleveland Clinic, Dayton Children’s Hospital, Mayo Clinic, Freeman Health, and many more.

If you want to see for yourself why Ordr continues to earn kudos and customers, get in touch and we can provide a demonstration or answer your questions.

Chris Westphal

Chris is the Head of Product Marketing at Ordr where he helps drive awareness for connected device security and the value of the Ordr solution. Chris brings more than two decades of experience to his role with a background in enterprise security, cloud, and data center technologies. Most recently, Chris was head of product marketing at Salt Security, the leader in API protection, and has held product marketing leadership roles at companies including VMware, Illumio, and Adallom (acquired by Microsoft).

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