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Danny Jump

Senior Product Manager

Manveer Singh

Director, Professional Services

Know Your Network: Real-time Asset Visibility and Security for Every Connected Device

Date: Wednesday March 31st
Time: 10am EST
Duration: 45 min
Giveaway: $10 coffee gift card

Do you know all the devices on your network and what they are doing? In this session, you’ll learn why connected device security should be on your security initiatives in 2021, and how to address security frameworks that start with real-time asset inventory and end with scalable security policies.

Why it Matters: Enterprises have seen an explosive rise in connected devices, from traditional IT devices like servers, workstations and PCs to new and more vulnerable IoT, IoMT, and OT like building systems, medical equipment and manufacturing machines. This myriad of devices from different manufacturers, operating systems and protocols are expanding the attack surface. IoT, IoMT, and OT bring their own challenges as they are typically not designed with security in mind. The bad news? Security teams are still responsible for all of them. It’s time for a modern approach.

What you will learn:

  • Best practices and implementation considerations for device discovery, profiling and segmentation
  • How to extend device visibility to Zero Trust policies enforced on next-generation firewalls and NAC
  • Case studies and takeaways from real-world customer deployments

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