Featured Speakers

Darrell Kesti

Regional Sales Manager

Martin Cooper

VP of GPO Relations
Talus Solutions

With COVID-19, resources are stretched to capacity and the ability to track and more effectively utilize medical devices is directly linked to an organization’s ability to deliver patient care. You need real-time discovery and inventory of these devices, in addition to location and utilization details. At the same time, devices with potential security issues such as vulnerabilities, obsolete operating systems or weak passwords and certificates must be identified to secure them from attacks.

Join this webinar with Talus and Ordr to hear how the Ordr IoT management and security platform can provide complete visibility into what devices are on your network, where they are located, how they are being utilized and the risks that they bring. Finally, hear a real-world case study of a Children’s Hospital deployment and the use cases they are addressing.

Contract #:  IT0330AB

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to integrate the Ordr inventory data with your other asset repositories for complete visibility
  • Examples of how to identify cost savings opportunities by analyzing utilization data
  • Challenges around securing medical devices
  • Key requirements for securing medical devices
  • The Ordr platform approach and device security framework
  • Best practices from a Children’s Hospital Deployment Case Study