Lofty rate increases and high volumes of claims have been problematic for the cyberinsurance industry over the last few years. At the same time, organizations continue to be challenged by cyberattacks, with increased risks from digital transformation and  the proliferation of connected devices. In response, cyberinsurers have calibrated their pricing to reflect the high potential of attacks.  

Organizations that have been focusing on cybersecurity, including improving cyber-hygiene and enhancing resiliency will reap the rewards. In this webinar, hear from Danelle Au Ordr CMO, Marc Schein, Marsh National Co-Chair Cyber Center of Excellence, and Jim Brady, VP and CISO at Fairview Health as they discuss the following: 

  • What are the security best practices that insurers look for?  
  • What can security leaders do to lower insurance rates and increase coverage?  
  • How can Ordr help with cyber-risk assessment? 


Featured Speakers

Danelle Au


Jim Brady

Fairview Health

Marc Schein

National Co-Chair Cyber Center of Excellence