Featured Speakers

Keith Willse

Security Engineer
Check Point

Russell Rice

VP Product Strategy

When: 9/01/2020 from 6:30 PM EST

As the number of connected devices (IoT, IoMT, etc.) increases, having an accurate pulse on the impacts these devices have on patient privacy, clinical outcomes, and your hospital’s financial resources is more important than ever. Check Point and Ordr would like to invite members of BAAMI to an exciting discussion about the challenges that connected devices in health care create for clinical engineering teams. Learn how automating medical and IOT device discovery, streamlining on-boarding procedures and utilization tracking, while concurrently implementing segmentation can protect equipment from cyberattack and deliver improved patient and financial outcomes. Learn how to gain true visibility into your device inventory, bridge the disconnect between IT and biomed, and ultimately position your health system for better patient outcomes.

Join Russell Rice of Ordr and Keith Willse from Check Point for insights on how healthcare organizations today are:

  • Gaining comprehensive visibility for all connected assets known and unknown
  • Reducing operational effort by automating inventory tracking & onboarding
  • Understanding device utilization data for more informed capital allocation
  • Accelerating time-to-value of Firewall & NAC for Segmentation
  • Protecting critical medical and IoT assets
  • Simplifying audit segmentation effectiveness
  • Leveraging existing investments in network and security infrastructure


$25 Uber Eats gift card for each attendee and each member who gets a cyber security counterpart to attend will be entered into to a raffle for a Ring Door Bell or Apple Airpods.