Featured Speakers

Robert Falzon

Head of Engineering, Office of the CTO
Check Point Software Technologies

Russell Rice

VP Product Strategy

When: 10/20/2020 from 10:00 am PST/1pm EST

IOT Things power today’s enterprise in prolific numbers and they are transforming every business function: communications, safety & security, facilities, manufacturing, health, research, transportation & logistics, education, service delivery and support. They usually hide in the shadows, unattended and unmanaged by Information Technology and Security, but an easy target or incidental casualty of cyber attacks.

Cash in coupons for lunch and then join us for a fireside chat with Robert Falzon, Head of Engineering in the Office of the CTO at Check Point, and Russell Rice, VP Product Strategy at Ordr, as we discuss the Rise of the Shadow Machines

  • How vulnerable are they to attack and how risky is it?
  • What do other companies do to put a spotlight on them?
  • Are there new techniques and technologies to protect your things?
  • How does zero-trust apply for IOT things?


$25 gift card for each attendee compliments of Ordr and Check Point

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