Are you struggling with managing your connected medical devices?

Ordr Clinical Defender, is an HTM focused product to more efficiently and accurately manage all your connected medical devices. Everything you care about, in a package designed by HTM professionals for HTM professionals.

Ordr can help you:

  • Customize and zero in on the insights that matter the most (including location, devices, manufacturer, and more) using the new Data Shaper feature.
  • Maintain an accurate, real-time inventory of devices, correlated with CMMS, as a complete source of truth on assets.
  • Address compliance with instant discovery of each newly-connected device and insights to locate missing devices.
  • Accelerate risk remediation efforts with details on devices with vulnerabilities and recalls, along with remediation prioritization guidance based on impact.
  • Save millions of dollars with insights to help ensure you’re optimizing and maximizing device utilization.