Ordr is a security solution that sees, knows and secures your connected devices automatically

Meet with one of our industry experts for a 1-on-1 in-depth demonstration of our product. We will show you how you can discover all devices on your network, gain rich behavioral profiling on those devices and their associated risk, and automate rapid remediation policies.

See All Connected Devices

  • No impact discovery of wireless and wired devices
  • High-fidelity classifications in real-time
  • Visibility on device vulnerabilities, manufacturing/FDA recalls, active threats, and weak ciphers and certificates
  • Integrations with asset inventory solutions

Know What these Devices Are Doing and Vulnerabilities/Risks They Bring

  • Map and analyze device communications
  • Risk Scoring based on device
  • Deep device insights on anomalous and suspicious behaviors
  • Visualize device utilization
  • Track user log on/log off activities via Active Directory/LDAP integration
  • Track device posturing via WinRM/WMI/AD

Secure Devices Via Automated Policies

  • Automatically generate rapid remediation policies on existing security/networking infrastructure
    • NGFW policies, ACL blocks, quarantine VLAN assignment, port shutdown, or session termination
  • Automatically generate and enforce Zero Trust segmentation policies based on “baseline”
  • Trigger workflows with CMMS, CMDB
  • Enable Incident Response processes in SIEM, and SOAR platforms