Come meet Ordr at HIMSS22 and learn why the leading healthcare organizations like Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic have chosen Ordr to secure their connected devices!

Meet with one of our industry experts for a 1-on-1 in-depth demonstration of our product. We will show you how you can discover all devices on your network, identify risks and vulnerabilities, detect known and unknown threats like ransomware, and automate response.

Discover All Connected Devices and their Risks

  • Continuous, rapid AI-based discovery of all connected devices, including IoT and IoMT
  • High-fidelity classifications in real-time
  • Visibility on device vulnerabilities, manufacturing/FDA recalls, active threats, and weak ciphers and certificates
  • Visualize device utilization
  • Integrations with asset inventory solutions (CMDB)

Detect Known and Unknown Threats

  • Integrated threat detection engine identifies exploits, active threats and lateral movement
  • Ransomware capabilities including insights into retrospective communications
  • Baseline device communications and identify anomalous communications
  • Risk scoring based on device
  • Track user log on/log off activities via Active Directory/LDAP integration
  • Track device posturing via WinRM/WMI/AD

Automate Action

  • Dynamically create policies for rapid response
  • Generate and enforce proactive segmentation policies based on “baseline”
  • Trigger workflows and tickets with ITSM integration
  • Enable Incident Response processes in SIEM, and SOAR platforms