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The healthcare industry is continuously on the leading edge of innovation, significantly improving the quality and delivery of care at an accelerating pace. An accelerated development pace means a growing number of devices in the network, all of which must be secured.

Ordr is the leader in connected device security for healthcare. We offer a “whole hospital” approach that secures all connected devices—IoT, IoMT, operational technology (OT), and traditional IT systems—that are critical to healthcare operations and the patient care experience.

One Platform Securing Every Device For Patient Care

HTM/Biomed Benefits

  • Discover and classify every connected medical device automatically
  • Secure devices and patients by identifying, prioritizing, and managing vulnerabilities through the full lifecycle
  • Enable asset reconciliation with CMMS/CMDB for a single source of truth for healthcare devices
  • Deliver cost avoidance for devices with outdated operating systems via zero trust segmentation
  • Optimize hospital operations and procurement decisions with medical device utilization insights

Security Benefits

  • Gain whole hospital visibility into every connected device and communications flows for security and compliance
  • Secure patient care by identifying device vulnerabilities and risks; and managing remediation workflows through the full lifecycle
  • Protect against ransomware and zero-day attacks by baselining device behavior, and Identify devices behaving anomalously
  • Accelerate incident response by identifying compromised devices and dynamically creating policies for response

IT/Networking Benefits

  • Discover, monitor, and track all devices connected to the healthcare network for security and compliance
  • Map and baseline device communications to identify devices in the wrong segment, behaving strangely, and communicating to a malicious domain
  • Accelerate Network Access Control (NAC) and other IT initiatives with a complete profile of all connected devices
  • Deliver zero trust segmentation by enabling only required device communications

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