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Device and System Segmentation for Unprecedented Security

In the hyper-connected enterprise, in which everything from simple IoT devices to complex multi-million-dollar systems are connected, traditional agent-based and human-generated security models simply cannot scale.  Network segmentation is the most logical way to secure these connected devices, but it’s currently much too complex to be effective.

Ordr solves this problem, providing you with complete visibility and exhaustive control over every class of network-connected device and system. The Ordr Systems Control Engine is the only purpose-built solution to fully map the device flow genome at massive scale, using machine learning to completely and continuously inspect, classify and baseline the behavior of every device. Ordr’s software architecture is unique in its ability to process enormous quantities of data in real-time, using sophisticated AI to deliver closed loop security, automatically generating segmentation policies for each class of device and implementing those policies directly through your existing multi-vendor network and security infrastructure.

We understand that traditional methods of segmentation can be too complex to be practical or effective.  The founding engineering team at Ordr has decades of experience building industry-leading wired and wireless networking infrastructure products.  We understand hybrid networking and the challenges IT, Security and Business Ops groups have in regulating and securing the the vast quantity and heterogeneity of network-connected things. And it’s this intimate understanding that led us to develop an intuitive solution to make the incredibly complex process of managing the hyper-connected enterprise incredibly simple.

What Does Ordr Do for Cisco ISE?

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) provides endpoint visibility and identity-based access control for the Enterprise. To make these technologies effective for IoT requires additional intelligence and automation. That is where Ordr comes into the picture.

The Ordr Systems Control Engine (SCE) helps you to optimize your Cisco ISE investment to deliver effective IoT security. Its device classification, network awareness, security intelligence, and ability to auto-generate enforcement rules simplifies the process of creating, provisioning, and managing your IoT segmentation policy.

The Ordr Systems Control Engine compliments and advances the power of Cisco ISE solution by providing:

  • Advanced classification of connected devices to augment ISE visibility and policy creation
  • Vulnerability, thread assessment and risk ratings for connected devices to quickly alert ISE of at-risk and vulnerable devices to automate quarantine and remediation functions
  • Detailed flow analysis to understand normal versus abnormal communication behavior and notify Cisco ISE of compromised endpoints
  • Dynamic translation of approved device behavior into ISE and group-based network segmentation and micro-segmentation policies

For more information, check out the Ordr and Cisco ISE solution overview.  If you want even more detail, download the in-depth whitepaper.


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Download the Whitepaper: Rich Visibility, Simplified Segmentation

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