Webinar: Thursday, July 16, 2020 10 am CDT

Complete Visibility, Security, Control, and Utilization for Connected IoT and IoMT Devices


Darrell KestiĀ 
Regional Sales Manager,

Join us as we discus how the Ordr solution powered by TALUS is helping Healthcare organizations: automatically discovery and inventory all of their connected IT, Medical, and Facilities assets; enhance visibility and context into Clinical Medical Management Systems (CMMS); address cyber risks and vulnerabilities of Medical systems; build a zero-trust framework for protecting all devices, including medical devices; and giving full device level usage insights to fleet and imaging systems.

In this webinar we show you how Ordr and TALUS can:

  • Provide automated, passive, and agentless detection of all of your connected devices.
  • Produce high fidelity, real-time asset Inventory of connected systems across the entire enterprise.
  • Integrated insights into the CMMS, to enrich business data with behavior and location information.
  • Illuminate where vulnerabilities are present across all systems and provide remediation detail.
  • Detect behavior changes and provide detail to Cyber Incident Response teams.
  • Give organizations the ability to automate device behavior into network based policy controls with existing infrastructure.
  • Enable Zero Trust protections across the organization for all devices.
  • Provide detailed utilization information on how Imaging and Fleet Devices are being used to help optimize inventory and patient availability.

Webinar Details


July 16th
10 am CDT

National Vizient Contract IT0330
MSS Contract ITO330AA

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