What’s On Your Network?

SEE what’s connected, KNOW the risk, and SECURE with automated policies

Thursday, April 6th, 2023
Computer Solutions Headquarters
14410 Wurzbach Pkwy #175, San Antonio, TX 78216

You’re Invited! Please join us for a hands-on workshop and networking lunch with peers on Thursday, April 6th. Look under Ordr’s hood to see first-hand why organizations worldwide trust Ordr to provide real-time asset inventory, vulnerability management, and accelerate Zero Trust and other IT initiatives.

Ordr uses deep packet inspection and advanced machine learning to automatically discover every asset, map all communications, uncover risk, profile behavior, and improve security with automated policies. See, know, and secure every connected asset from traditional IT devices to newer and more vulnerable IoT, IoMT, and OT assets with Ordr.

Hands-on Workshop: Direct access to the Ordr connected device security platform to experience firsthand:

    1. Full Asset Visibility
      See all connected assets with automated discovery, classification, and insight into where devices are deployed and how they’re connected.
    2. Vulnerability and Risk Management Insights
      Know and address asset risk including vulnerabilities, recalls, outdated operating systems, and risky communications.
    3. Proactive Security Posture and Optimization
      Secure all assets with dynamically created policy to accelerate your response to active threats and improve security with Zero trust segmentation.

“You can’t secure what you can’t see”

Space is limited to ensure we can work with all attendees, drill deep into use cases, and answer all questions. Experts will be on hand to discuss your specific use cases and how Ordr can help in your environment.

Questions? Please contact Ordr at partners@ordr.net or ComSol at mdickson@comsoltx.com.

Register Today! We look forward to seeing you!