Have you spent years trying to properly enable visibility and security in your environment with Forescout?

Are you dealing with high maintenance costs?

Are you still trying to create the right enforcement policies for unmanaged devices?

Forescout customers are overwhelmingly turning to Ordr to address unmanaged device security. With the Advent acquisition of Forescout, it’s time to get your unmanaged and IoT devices in Ordr.

  • Complete Visibility – Ordr provides high-fidelity visibility into devices – make, model, serial number, location and more. This rich context ensures that organizations understand what devices are in the network and the risks they bring. Forescout profiling in contrast is limited and unable to obtain details such as manufacturer, model, serial number, and software information for most OT/IOT assets.
  • Device and Risk Profiling – The Ordr Flow Genome maps and baselines device communication patterns. This enables organizations to profile normal behavior for a device so that anomalous behaviors can be identified. Forescout in contrast does not track communication between devices in the network and cannot identify normal versus abnormal/dangerous behavior
  • Automated Policy Enforcement – Ordr uses the Flow Genome to profile device risks and behavior. Policies can then be automatically generated and enforced on existing security and networking infrastructure. As new devices are added to the network that match a particular Ordr device profile with an active policy, this new device will automatically be protected. Forescout does not have the ability to provide guidance or creation of segmentation policies. In fact, Forescout has significant challenges creating policies for unknown devices that do not match a predefined policy. As a result, most customers don’t even get to the enforcement phase.
  • Scalability – Ordr addresses visibility and security of unmanaged and IoT devices in a very scalable manner. We offer one common platform that serves networking, security and device owners, with role-based access control and custom views for different personas. Forescout requires a huge footprint of devices for enterprise scale.
  • Cost – Ordr pricing structure is based on the number of users in an organization. Forescout licenses every capability, and there are lots of hidden costs. ForeScout also requires external systems for extended data retention (Forescout default is only 3 days in most cases).  These external systems require additional licensing and cost, further adding to the hidden costs.
  • Flexible Deployment – Ordr flexibly offer both on-premises and cloud deployments. Select the right deployment for your organization. Forescout does not offer any cloud-based option for deployment, it is a self-managed solution that must operate on-premises


Functionality Ordr Forescout
Core Visibility and Segmentation One solution 3 products
(eyeSight + eyeControl + Medigate)
3rd-party integration/orchestration included Requires eyeExtend $$
Segmentation guidance included Requires eyeSegment $$
High Availability included Requires eyeRecover $$
Large Enterprise support included Requires eyeManage $$
Visibility and control for ICS/IIoT included Requires SilentDefense $$
IoT Microsegmentation Policy Generation included Medical only (limited)