Frost & Sullivan Report: Strategic Assessment of the IoT Security Market

IoT presents unique challenges that must be considered when developing and implementing real-time monitoring solutions. For example, the IoT device ecosystem is heterogeneous and ever-expanding, which means that scaling device profiling and fingerprinting across different enterprises and verticals could be a challenge with a mix of off-the-shelf and proprietary systems. Active network probing may adversely impact the behavior of connected devices and must be used with caution in IoT, Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), and ICS environments.

Additional challenges in IoT deployment monitoring and vulnerability detection include:

  • The absence of endpoint security due to limited endpoint compute, service interruption, and storage capabilities
  • Securing distributed and remote IoT deployments that exchange data with the cloud
  • Identification of devices that inappropriately store and share protected health information and other sensitive information such as payment card information
  • The fact that connected device firmware is not always up to date and security patches are not applied regularly
  • Timely alerting and response capabilities to ensure minimal impact of cybersecurity breaches and incidents

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