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What is IoMT?

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is the network of Internet-connected medical devices, hardware infrastructure, and software applications used to connect healthcare information technology. IoMT allows wireless and remote devices to securely communicate over the Internet to allow rapid and flexible analysis of medical data.

IoMT examples include: remote patient monitoring devices, telehealth devices, consumer wearables, logistics devices, sensors and other tracking systems. Most IoMT devices are designed with efficacy, not security, in mind, which makes them vulnerable to compromise. A basic first step is to ensure that you know which medical devices exist on your network, and the types of threats that may impact them.

Ordr recommends a zero trust network security model, in which communication among devices is controlled by strict access control and authentication to ensure only sanctioned traffic. Ordr delivers visibility and security of all connected devices — from traditional servers, workstations and PCs to IoT, IoMT and OT devices. Ordr discovers what devices are in the network, profiles device behavior and risks, and then automates appropriate action. Try a demo of Ordr to learn how to keep your IoMT devices—and the data they collect and share—safe and secure.