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What is microsegmentation?

While network segmentation is the concept of placing devices of like type or function into the same physical or logical network segment, microsegmentation is the concept of segmenting communications to a fine-grained level, ideally to the minimalist communication required for proper operation and management. Liberal communications within and between segments is a key reason why IoT devices require microsegmentation.

With microsegmentation, network administrators know quickly if connected devices are behaving outside expected and approved baselines. This allows effective, real time detection of compromise as well as an audit of enforced policies to answer the questions:
• Are my connected devices behaving as expected?
• Are my enforcement policies working as expected?

The Ordr Systems Control Engine determines which devices are on a network and what they should be allowed to do, and then dynamically creates microsegmentation policies for enforcement on firewalls, network access controls (NACs) products, switches, and wireless LAN controllers.