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What is Network Segmentation?

Network segmentation divides a network into multiple segments or subnets for the purpose of improving the security and performance of the overall network. With network segmentation, network administrators control the flow of traffic between these segments or subnets based on granular policies.

Network segmentation is an important part of a zero trust network, in which every device must be granted permission to access a network, each time any device attempts access. When there are connected devices, anything from traditional servers, workstations and PCs to IoT, IoMT and OT devices that cannot be patched or taken out of service, these devices must be protected through network segmentation.

Ordr enables network segmentation and leverages existing infrastructure. Based on the Ordr Flow Genome, “sanctioned” communication patterns for devices can be identified. The Ordr Policy Generator then takes the tedious work out of creating and implementing policies for micro segmentation by generating them dynamically for any vulnerable device or group of devices and enforcing them on firewalls, network access controls (NACs), switches, and wireless LAN controllers.