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Ordr collects device data from Arista switches to enable you to:

See every device connecting to the network: Collected data is analyzed by Ordr to enrich insights from passive discovery methods and accurately classify every IT, IoT, IoMT, and OT asset connecting to the network.

Identify anomalous behavior: Ordr analyzes data collected from Arista switches to map communication flows and create a baseline of normal behavior for every device. Each device baseline is then automatically tuned, updated, and compared to the device’s historical behavior and similar devices in the environment. Baselines are also combined and analyzed with baselines of other devices. With this approach, Ordr can identify activity outside of normal behavior for the device, its cohorts in the environment, or similar devices deployed globally.

Accelerate response to threats: By analyzing collected data Ordr provides critical details enabling incident response teams to identify a specific device, physical location, internal and external connections, and communication information to ensure a rapid respond to threats.

Ordr integrates with wired and wireless infrastructure solutions to combine network details with granular device insights and ensure accurate device classification, location details, and anomaly detection.