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Ordr integrates with SentinelOne Singularity Platform to see and secure all managed and unmanaged devices.

Connected devices can create business, IT, and cybersecurity blind spots since they can be difficult to discover via traditional asset inventory solutions and several cannot be scanned via vulnerability management systems or support corporate endpoint security agents.

Ordr discovers and secures every connected device—from traditional IT to new or vulnerable IoT, IoMT, and OT devices. With the SentinelOne integration, Ordr collects managed device data, vulnerabilities, and threat insights from the Singularity Platform delivering comprehensive device visibility, a better understanding of risk, and the ability to enforce policy to mitigate active threats and improve security across all connected devices.

Gain Complete Device Visibility

  • See granular details for all agentless and agent-based devices.
  • Track both online and offline devices continuously.
  • Identify unmanaged devices without the SentinelOne agent to meet compliance requirements.

Minimize Risk with Extended Insights

  • Improve risk score accuracy with supplemental event data from SentinelOne.

Remediate Faster

  • Improve threat detection and incident response with combined Ordr endpoint flow and SentinelOne process data.
  • Block/quarantine/segment managed endpoints in Ordr for rapid remediation via the network.