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Enhanced Campus Device Visibility & Communications from Campus to Data Center

The integration with Ordr Systems Control Engine (SCE) and VMware NSX-T via the NSX-T API provide ongoing programmatic synchronization from Ordr to NSX for profile objects and the respective device IP addresses they contain. When coupled with NSX Intelligence, the integration enables organizations to gain enhanced visibility of campus devices and communications from campus to data center. VMware NSX Intelligence provides a powerful visualization of how these Ordr-defined campus group objects are communicating to various VMs within the data center.

With the integration, VMware NSX users can now:

  • Achieve cutting edge visibility by understanding how each type of unmanaged campus and branch connected device is communicating with mission critical virtual workloads in the data center.
  • Accelerate NSX-T Data Center microsegmentation initiatives by integrating data from Ordr and using NSX Intelligence to visualize and automate optimal policy design while quickly determining exactly which campus devices, including IoT/OT, are communicating to virtualized workloads in the data center.
  • Minimize the potential business impact associated with firewall changes by using Ordr integrated with NSX Intelligence to quickly visualize and troubleshoot allowed and blocked traffic from campus devices.


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