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Ordr, the leader in proactive protection for the hyper-connected enterprise, is among the leading vendors in the fast growing and high-stakes Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) software market, according to new research from KLAS. For its latest research, KLAS interviewed 47 unique healthcare organizations that have recently selected an IoMT vendor to determine which vendors they considered and ultimately selected, what factors contributed to their decision and how they engaged with third-party services firms. Ordr was considered in nearly 60 percent of these scenarios;  Ordr’s rich company culture, including peerless networking expertise, technology and user interface cited frequently as main factors for vendor selection.

The explosion of connected devices has given rise to today’s hyper-connected enterprise, in which everyone and everything that is fundamental to the operation of an organization is connected to a network. With the sudden surge of disparate and complex devices all tapping into various enterprise networks, it is little surprise that hyper-connectivity is becoming an incredibly complex and untenable problem for IT and security groups across multiple industries to address. Among these industries, securing medical devices has become a top priority for healthcare IT professionals, who are seeking both broad IoT capabilities and specific healthcare-focused expertise. Ordr delivers a solution that uniquely addresses this vast and growing world of connected devices.

According to the report, “while technology factors are the most common reason organizations cite for choosing a specific vendor, many IoMT solutions offer similar core capabilities. Thus, organizations look for vendors that can deliver more than just technology. In this environment, Ordr…is frequently chosen for their company culture, which includes strong Cisco roots, speedy and responsive turnaround on customer requests, a willingness to share knowledge and strong investment in customer success.”

“Many industries, from healthcare to hospitality to retail, have acknowledged the critical need for accurate identification of devices and actionable insights derived from device data. Healthcare organizations, which heavily rely on connected devices to greatly enhance delivery of quality care, have been especially quick to recognize the importance of protecting those devices across the enterprise,” said Greg Murphy, CEO of Ordr. “It is extremely gratifying for Ordr to be among those vendors most frequently considered for IoMT security. We will strive to validate the market’s trust as we continue to deliver truly proactive protection for all network connected devices, including the myriad medical devices critical to ensuring and improving the quality of care delivered by healthcare organizations.”

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