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The Ordr Systems Control Engine (SCE) gives you the power to take control of your network-connected devices, with an elegantly simple and powerful solution to identify, classify, regulate and protect every network-connected device in the enterprise. The Ordr SCE has the power to automate, implement and enforce granular security policies, for every class of device, through your existing network and security infrastructure.

Identify and Classify

Ordr Systems Control Engine (SCE) is the only purpose-built solution that fully maps every microscopic device detail and its context at massive scale, using machine learning to completely and continuously inspect and baseline the behavior of every device. Ordr detects exposed vulnerabilities and delivers intricate risk scores for priority attention and mitigation. All in real-time, all-the-time, delivered in an elegantly simple UI.


Ordr SCE monitors and analyzes all device communications, and delivers real-time communications flow analytics. Regulate flow and behavior by device type, group, location, function, application, the control is yours. Ordr SCE automatically detects anomalous behavior including out of flow communication, unusual data and application usage, and off baseline cadence and activity. And it’s real-time, so any new connected systems are immediately regulated when connected.


The Ordr SCE architecture is unique in its ability to process enormous quantities of data in real-time, using sophisticated AI to deliver closed loop security, automatically generating policies for each class of device. The Ordr SCE is seamlessly integrated with your existing infrastructure – firewalls, NAC systems, wired and wireless switches, etc. – to implement policies directly and automatically. This is truly no-touch, agentless protection for business-critical assets.


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