The healthcare industry is continuously on the leading edge of innovation, significantly improving the quality and delivery of care at an accelerating pace. An accelerated development pace means a growing number of devices in the network, all of which must be secured. Ordr is the leader in IoT security for Healthcare. We offer a “whole hospital” approach that secures all devices—IoT, IoMT, and operational technologies—that are critical to the patient care experience. We offer one platform with comprehensive features that serves security teams, networking teams and clinical technicians.

Medical Devices

Medical devices are critical to patient care, but not always designed with security in mind. They must be secured.

IoT Devices

IoT devices such as smart displays, fax machines, and printers can be compromised and become an attack vector.

Facilities Systems

HVAC systems, elevator controls, and cameras are part of healthcare operations and  must be protected.


Pro Health Case Study

See how medical IOT devices are classified, regulated, and secured with Ordr.

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Medical Device Utilization Solution Brief

Learn how Ordr can maximize the utilization of all of your connected medical devices. Read the solution brief now.

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Optimizing IoMT Security and Management

Are you a clinical technician responsible for IoMT? Read this whitepaper to learn how Ordr helps discover, track and fully utilize these devices.

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