Profiles in Control: Beebe Healthcare


Founded in 1916 by two physician brothers – Drs. James Beebe and Richard C. Beebe – Beebe Healthcare serves the communities of Sussex County with a 210-licensed-bed, not-for-profit seaside community hospital in Lewes, Delaware, and outpatient locations in Georgetown, Millsboro, Milton, Millville, and Rehoboth Beach.  Beebe’s specialized medical services include surgical services, cardiothoracic (heart & lung), vascular, oncology, women’s health, and orthopaedic services. Beebe offers an array of inpatient, outpatient, emergency, and diagnostic services.

Ensuring continuing delivery of quality care in the modern healthcare system requires innovative – and network connected – devices.  Everything from physical security and facilities devices to critical monitoring, imaging and surgical devices are connected to the network.  This era of hyper-connectivity in healthcare represents extraordinary opportunities for advancement in diagnosis and care; it also represents an increasing challenge for network, security and healthcare technology teams to manage, as each connected device represents a point of vulnerability to potential compromise.  To fully ensure the continuing quality delivery of care these devices afford, the Beebe Healthcare team needed to have the power to take control of these devices, to regulate their behavior and protect their enterprise from vulnerability.

Taking Control

Beebe Healthcare deployed the Ordr Systems Control Engine (SCE) to automatically identify, classify, regulate and secure their connected devices across their healthcare system.

“The Ordr SCE gives us visibility into a breadth of devices that we didn’t have before.  Before Ordr, we didn’t have a full view of any devices outside of printers and laptops,” said Clint Perkinson, Director of Information Systems at Beebe Healthcare.  “Now we have complete visibility into every device, across the enterprise.  IT, IS and Healthcare Technology teams can now see great detail on every connected device and what each is doing.  We now use the Ordr SCE as our primary asset tracking and inventory tool.”

The Information Security team at Beebe Healthcare sees the device detail provided by the Ordr SCE as a critical part of their security strategy.  The team utilizes the SCE extensively to report on device vulnerability – Urgent/11, BlueKeep, WannaCry, out-of-policy usage, current patch tracking, etc. – and to establish and enforce policies across the network to mitigate any threats.  The sophisticated behavioral baselining and anomalous behavior detection provided by the Ordr SCE provides peace of mind for the security professionals in the organization.

“I used to have anxiety about who might be knocking on the door trying to get in, what attacks might be attempted, where the next breach might occur,” said Mike Maksymow, Chief Information Officer for Beebe Healthcare.  “The Ordr solution helps me sleep at night, because we can now clearly identify nefarious activity with our connected medical, facilities and enterprise devices and can quickly lock down and isolate devices that are exhibiting anomalous behavior.”

Recently, the Ordr SCE identified a connected ‘tele-sitter’ video camera as exhibiting anomalous communication behavior – it was attempting to connect to a high-risk external web site.  The system was able to immediately alert to the potentially nefarious activity, restrict the device’s ability to communicate externally through an automated policy implementation, and mitigate any risk while the team reconfigured the device to remediate the issue.

In addition to the device, vulnerability, and behavior intelligence, the teams at Beebe Healthcare utilize the Ordr solution for other critical functions.  The security team uses the system extensively for forensic analysis of threats, connectivity issues, and communications of each device.  The network team utilizes the granular device data for network operations and NAC-like and zero-trust control of devices connected to the network.  The Clinical Engineering and Healthcare Technology Management teams utilize the solution for asset tracking and management, inventory reporting, and some utilization management.  And the entire organization can now provide much greater device detail – in a significantly reduced timeframe with fewer resources – to the organization’s steering and audit committees.

Solution Expansion

Beebe Healthcare recently implemented a Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) solution to implement policies for their connected infrastructure.  The Ordr SCE is seamlessly integrated with the ISE solution, automatically identifying and classifying every connected device, and providing granular detail and context for each; this detail enables the teams to deploy very sophisticated micro-segmentation policies through the ISE solution, significantly improving the security and governance of the critical connected devices.  The integrated Ordr/Cisco ISE solution is being rolled out across the enterprise, implementing and enforcing network and security policies to regulate the behavior of BioMed, laboratory, surgical and patient monitoring devices, among others.

“The Ordr SCE gives us a level of visibility and control that we couldn’t achieve from Cisco ISE alone,” Mr. Perkinson said.  “We don’t want people plugging in disparate devices without us knowing about it.  With Ordr, implemented with our ISE solution, we not only know when that device connects, we know everything about it – what it is, where it is, with whom it’s communicating – and we can immediately implement a policy to regulate its on-network behavior to not only protect that device, but to protect the entire enterprise from that device and any potential vulnerability it represents.”


The rapid pace of innovation in healthcare technology, and the reliance of that technology on network connectivity, continues to improve the delivery of quality care for Beebe Healthcare.  As a forward-thinking organization, the network and security teams needed to establish a future-proof strategy to regulate and protect these and the myriad devices that will be deployed in the coming months and years.  The Ordr Systems Control Engine is a critical element of that strategy, and gives the Beebe Healthcare teams the power to take control of their healthcare, facilities, and enterprise devices to provide proactive protection for their hyper-connected healthcare enterprise.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Ordr,” added Mr. Maksymow.  “They do what they say they do, and they do it well.  It’s a partnership we hope to build on for the foreseeable future.”

This is proactive protection of your medical technology, your healthcare enterprise network, your institutional brand…and most importantly, your patients.

Ready to take control?