Industry Solution: Transportation

Truly proactive protection for the hyper-connected transportation center.
You’re in control.

Safety and Efficiency Requires Innovation

The world moves at a breathtaking pace.  Increasingly efficient methods of transportation effectively blur the boundaries and eliminate the geographical constraints of distance, creating a truly global climate for businesses and institutions of all sizes.  Enabling this global accessibility without compromising the safety and security of the people, systems and infrastructure involved requires innovative solutions that continually improve process and efficiency.

Network-Connected Things Improve Traveler Experience

In order to ensure the safety, security and efficiency of global transportation, transit authorities worldwide are increasingly turning to solutions rooted in network-connected technology.  The modern transportation system is almost entirely powered by hyper-connectivity, where virtually every device and system is connected to the network.  From security scanning systems, to luggage movement and tracking systems, to traffic control and scheduling systems, to digital signage that keeps travelers informed.  It’s all designed to deliver an efficient, safe and secure travel experience that keeps the global economy churning.

In this hyper-connected global world, the vast quantity and heterogeneity of these devices is creating an incredibly complex and increasingly untenable reality for transit, facilities, IT and security organizations. These leaders struggle to understand exactly what’s connected to the network, what it’s doing, and how to regulate and protect it all. Ordr gives you the power to end this struggle, providing complete visibility and exhaustive control over every class of network-connected device.  With Ordr, you have the power to take control of your vast and growing connected enterprise, precisely regulating the behavior and communications of every connected device or device group.  With Ordr, connected devices are regulated on your terms, providing truly proactive protection – not reactive remediation.  And you have the power to take complete control – utilizing the network and security infrastructure you already have, without touching or modifying the connected devices.

You Have the Power to Take Control

The Ordr Systems Control Engine (SCE) collects data from multiple sources and analyzes and organizes that diverse data in real-time. Ordr has built a vast and context-rich device profile library, and the Ordr SCE software architecture is unique in its ability to apply sophisticated AI to dynamically define detailed policies that effectively regulate millions of connected devices. The Ordr SCE automates micro-segmentation policy creation for each class of device, and implements those policies directly through your existing network and security infrastructure. Potentially massive cost savings are realized through eliminating manual security processes, tracking asset inventory, and regulating device behavior to maximize both safety and efficiency.

This is proactive protection of your devices, your transportation network, your travelers, your operations staff…and keeps the world traveler safe and secure.

Elegantly Simple

We make the incredibly complex, amazingly simple.


Ordr is deployed in minutes, with zero impact to existing infrastructure. With simple access to a span port, Ordr instantly begins to ingest data from multiple sources


Ordr analyzes data and immediately begins to identify & classify all connected devices and systems, and delivers granular device, system and risk intelligence.


Ordr gives you the power to take control of your environment through an elegantly simple UI, utilizing sophisticated AI for truly closed-loop enterprise protection.

Ready to take control?