Connected healthcare devices are an essential component of digital transformation. These devices can increase the attack surface; however, security teams often lack oversight of them. 

Join Zach Phillippe, Director of Cybersecurity at Memorial Hermann, and Ben Stock, Director of Healthcare Product Management at Ordr, as they share lessons learned on the journey to securing connected healthcare devices.  

Zach will describe the challenges they set out to address, solutions considered for device visibility and security, and how they established a “Medical Device Compliance and Security Oversight Committee” with the security and biomedical engineering teams to improve collaboration and security practices.  

Attend this session to learn from Memorial Hermann’s journey about:  

  1. The potential risks of connected devices in healthcare. 
  2. Considerations for medical device security solutions. 
  3. How process and collaboration contribute to optimizing security efforts.


Featured Speakers

Ben Stock

Director of Healthcare Product Development

Zach Phillippe

Director of Cybersecurity
Memorial Hermann