If you’re like most Cisco ISE users, you probably struggle using ISE with OT, IoT, IoMT and other unmanaged devices. Device profiles in ISE natively lack the detail required to create policy and most struggle at adjusting profiles to fit with current policies.  The good news is that NWN Carousel and Ordr can help!

Please join us for a virtual lunch and learn on Tuesday December 12th at 11am Central to learn how Ordr integrates deeply with Cisco ISE to:

  1. Share highly granular device details
  2. Translate device classification to ISE policies
  3. Automatically generate flexible segmentation policy

Please join us!  You’ll not only walk away with a full belly courtesy of DoorDash, but also a better understanding of how Ordr will help you Gain granular context needed for device profiling and policy creation, dynamically generate ISE/SDA policies based on your unique business context, and accelerate ISE/SDA policy enforcement.


Featured Speakers

Bryan Wallace

Head of Partner Sales

Craig Hyps

Distinguished Engineer