Date: Thursday, April 20th from 12pm to 1pm CST

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With Medical Device and IoT Security being a priority for many healthcare organizations in 2022, Talus and Ordr are hosting an educational webinar on this topic for the Vizient membership. Join us on April 20th from 12pm -1pm CST to learn about the importance of securing your organization’s IoT and medical devices. Supply Chain, Finance, Technical, Security and Clinical Engineering leaders are encouraged to attend. During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to understand if your organization has current vulnerabilities, warnings and recalls and the associated remediation path.
  • How to passively (no agent), detect and accurately inventory all connected devices (medical, IoT, workstations, etc.).
  • How to automate network-based policy controls with your existing network and security infra-structure by using trusted device behavior profiles.
  • How to enable ZeroTrust protections across the organization for all devices.
  • How a medical device security strategy helps comply to HIPAA Security Rules.
  • How to identify cost-saving opportunities by analyzing medical device utilization information.
  • How to integrate real time inventory data with your CMMS to enrich contract negotiation insights and enhance decision making.
  • How to access the Group Buy Volume Pricing program for Vizient members.


Featured Speakers

Darrell Kesti

Regional Sales Manager

Keith Fricke

Partner and Principal Consultant