Featured Speakers

Ben Stock

Director of Healthcare Product Development

Troy Ament

Field CISO for Healthcare

Date: Aug 26th 2021
Time: 11:00 – 11:45 a.m. PDT

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Join Troy Ament and Ben Stock as they introduce you to cutting-edge tools that address the largest pain points of Clinical Engineering and Healthcare IT/Security teams today: protecting against attacks from crippling ransomware operators in a time of slashed budgets. Attendees will learn how Fortinet and Ordr’s unique combination of network insights and security controls allow healthcare providers to:

  • Identify their most vulnerable devices so overburdened staff can quickly remediate the priority devices without distracting from their core job.
  • Protect in-use, care-critical medical equipment running outdated system software – buying hospitals crucial time to budget and procure replacements.
  • Reduce spend and increase access to care by optimizing the utilization of radiology and fleet devices.
  • Safeguard patient data from exfiltration and ransomware attacks by segmenting their networks using automated policies that reduce the maintenance costs and administrative burden on security teams.

The talk will highlight customer stories that show how Fortinet and Ordr work together to improve whole hospital device security.

Troy and Ben share more than 20 years of healthcare technology management experience and guidance. Ben previously was the Director of Clinical Equipment Systems for a multi-site hospital system, and Troy served at multiple healthcare organizations as Chief Information Security Officer.