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What is device utilization?

Device utilization refers to how, how often, and by whom, connected devices are used in an organization. Effective device utilization can improve operations, support procurement decisions, and help to manage capital spend. With access to device utilization data, companies can compare and contrast device utilization across different facilities to identify and improve operational efficiency of under-utilized equipment.

For example, in a medical setting or healthcare organization, real-time inventory information can improve capital planning for high-capital equipment such as MRI, CT scanners, and X-ray machines. In a manufacturing setting, utilization data can identify consistent high usage or bursty usage to decide whether to buy or rent fleet equipment.

The Ordr Systems Control Engine gathers real-time inventory information using a fully automated, passive approach without interruption to the devices. The user interface automatically groups fleet devices to present fleet utilization, and it can identify underutilized high-capital equipment to increase the utilization by 25% or more.