Secure Every Asset From Known And Unknown Threats

Ordr reduces dwell time from days to minutes by detecting both known and unknown threats. Accelerate response with automated policies, enforced on existing security infrastructure.  


Average dwell time



Dwell time, the time between when an attack begins and when it is detected is about 16 days 

Investigation hours needed



Without accurate asset data, it takes at least a day to gather information to investigate an alert or incident 

Is how often ransomware strikes



There is a ransomware attack on a business every 11 seconds. Rapid detection and containment matters


Reduce Dwell Time With Comprehensive Threat Detection 

Today’s cyber criminals use a variety of attacks and techniques. Ordr reduces dwell time and mean-time-to-detect with an integrated IDS, threat intelligence, AI/ML behavioral analytics to detect threats, anomalies and risky communications

  • Identify exploits, attacker tools, malware in East West traffic and external communications
  • Identify assets behaving abnormally from known-good profile
  • Retrospectively identify infected assets when new indicators of compromise are discovered 
  • Accelerate response with automated policies, enforced on existing security infrastructure. 


Reduce Investigation Time on Alerts 

Security operations teams need accurate asset insights to determine exposure and response.  Ordr reduces investigation time and dwell time with real-time asset insights and asset relationship mapping:

  • What is this asset? Where is it connected? Who owns it?
  • What application is running on this endpoint?
  • Was the data encrypted at rest?


Automate Policies and Workflows To Contain A Threat 

Once security operations teams have identified that an alert is real, they need to accelerate response. Ordr reduces mean-time-to- response by automating a variety of security policies – proactive and reactive.

  • Create tasks and workflows in ITSM 
  • Automatically generate policies to block ports, terminate sessions or isolate a compromised asset 
  • Automate policies across multiple enforcement points like firewalls, switches and NAC to accelerate response

Customer Case Studies

Finance Industry Image for Ordr Inc.

Using Ordr’s device-centric threat and anomaly detection, Veritex Bank has also been able to detect and quickly address issues, even before being notified by our virtual SOC. This has helped the team accelerate response.

Bob Ludecke, CISO, Veritex Bank 
Financial Services Industry image with mobile payments

Using network architecture to help protect devices only goes so far if you can’t profile device behavior and understand existing vulnerabilities. The Ordr platform gives you that visibility to understand how every device is being used.

CISO, Financial Services Organization (788 Branches Across 17 States)
Manufacturing Industry Image on Ordr Inc website

Ordr automatically discovers all our managed and unmanaged devices and delivers critical insights through a real-time dashboard. Ordr also generates policies by type and enforces them to support microsegmentation, zero trust, and other network access controls.

Director of Information Security, Automotive Manufacturer

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