SEE, KNOW, and SECURE every connected device, everywhere.

Schedule time with a product expert for a personalized, in-depth Ordr demo to learn how you can automate device discovery and classification, centralize granular device details, identify vulnerabilities and risk, and simplify policy creation to accelerate incident response efforts and Zero Trust projects.

SEE all your connected devices

  • Automatically discover and accurately classify all connected devices
  • Centralize your view of granular device details such as OS, software, serial number, and owner
  • Understand how devices connect to the network, where they are, and what they communicate with

KNOW device vulnerabilities and risk

  • Identify devices with vulnerabilities, recalls, risky communications, and active threats
  • Analyze and baseline normal device behavior
  • Detect anomalous and suspicious behaviors that can indicate an active threat
  • Automatically calculate device disk scores aligned with your unique organization

SECURE devices with automated policies

  • Dynamically generate policy in response to active threats
  • Accelerate Zero Trust policy for segmentation and NAC to proactively improve protections
  • Enforce policy through integrations with existing security and networking infrastructure
  • Use retrospective analysis to identify the impact of newly defined indicators of compromise (IoCs)