Deliver Cyber Resilience In Converged IT/OT Manufacturing Environments 

Ordr addresses asset and attack surface management challenges with the convergence of IT and OT environments. Ordr seamlessly discovers, mitigates threats, and secures every connected asset, delivering cyber resilience.

Manufacturing Industry Image with connected devices.

Address Expanded Asset Attack Surface In Manufacturing

Lack of Visibility Into IT, IOT, OT  

The convergence of IT and OT environments has created asset visibility challenges. Ordr delivers real-time visibility for every connected asset and cyber-physical system, including IoT and OT at a granular level.  

More Threats and Vulnerabilities

Cyberattacks targeting cyber-physical systems can significantly disrupt revenue and manufacturing processes. Ordr identifies exposure, prioritizes vulnerabilities, and detects threats, to secure every asset critical to manufacturing operations.  

Segmentation Challenges 

Traditional air-gapped zones no longer exist. Ordr enables security teams to create segmentation policies based on organizational priorities, for example segmenting critical IOT and OT assets running outdated operating systems, to ensure uninterrupted manufacturing operations. 


Granular Visibility For Your Entire Manufacturing Organization 

IT and OT convergence can impact visibility into the attack surface. Ordr delivers complete visibility into every cyber-physical system and asset on your network– IT, IOT, OT, users, SaaS, cloud and applications. Discover IOT and OT devices safely, and see details including manufacturer, model, OS, support owner, connectivity and more. 

  • Identify rogue or banned devices within the network 
  • Surface security issues like devices with outdated operating systems 
  • Analyze communications between manufacturing systems or to the Internet  
Granular Visibility For Your Entire Manufacturing Organization with Ordr Asset Inventory Management


Manage Vulnerabilities And Protect Against Cyberattacks 

Discover vulnerabilities across the entire manufacturing attack surface, including IOT, OT and OT. Detect cyberattacks like ransomware that can pose significant risks to operations and profitability.  

  • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on multiple risk factors including organizational impact 
  • Detect active exploits with our integrated IDS and threat intelligence feeds 
  • Identify devices operating outside of their known-good profile  
OrdrAI Risk-Based Vulnerability Prioritization and Management Platform


Zero Trust Segmentation for Risk and Cost Avoidance 

Manufacturing organizations need to maintain peak production, yet operational devices often run on outdated operating systems. With Ordr, you can provide protection with microsegmentation policies. Ensure cyber resilience and operational cost avoidance for mission-critical assets 

  • Segment devices with outdated operating systems to only allow “baseline” behavior 
  • Segment vulnerable devices when patches are not yet available 
  • Create optimal segmentation policies on firewalls, NAC and switches  


Address Regulatory Compliance 

Manufacturing organizations are faced with unique regulatory compliance standards that include ISO 9001, ISO 13845, IEC 61215, IEC 61646, IEC 62443, CGMP, PET and NIST 800-171. Ordr offers a centralized view of all connected assets and their associated risks, to help expediate governance, risk, and compliance process.  

NIST compliance monitoring and dashboard in OrdrAI Asset Inventory Management.

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