A Whole Hospital Approach To Securing Patient Care 

Ordr’s ‘whole hospital’ approach enables healthcare organizations to see, know, and secure every asset including critical IoT, IoMT, OT, IT systems vital to healthcare operations and patient care.

Healthcare Industry Image with MRI and Medical devices.

Address Cyber Risks Facing Healthcare Systems 

Vulnerable Medical Devices 

Medical devices such as infusion pumps and EKG machines aren’t designed with security in mind, and often run outdated operating systems. Ordr discovers these devices via a passive approach, identifies vulnerabilities and secures them to safeguard healthcare systems.  

Increase in Ransomware Attacks

Healthcare systems are being targeted by ransomware threat actors. Ordr reduces dwell time with comprehensive threat detection, visualization of traffic to malicious domains, and automated policies to quickly contain compromised assets.

Expanded Attack Surface 

The attack surface for healthcare systems has expanded beyond medical IoMT to every device (such as HVAC systems, elevator control systems, cameras), applications, cloud and SaaS. Ordr delivers comprehensive asset visibility and security for every asset in healthcare. 


Discover and Classify Every Connected Asset in Healthcare 

Security begins with visibility. Ordr discovers every asset including devices (IT, IOT, IOMT, OT), SaaS and cloud across all your locations, via an agentless approach. See granular details like make, model, OS, serial number, connectivity and communication flows.  

  • Automate real-time medical asset inventory to free up clinical engineering resources for higher-value tasks 
  • Alert when a new medical device is discovered on the network 
  • identify medical devices that have been offline for extended periods of time 
  • Aid HTM teams in locating medical devices for maintenance or patching 
  • Identify clinical and security risks, such as medical devices with outdated operating systems or FDA recalls 
  • Integrate with CMMS and CMDB for real-time collaboration across teams 


Manage Vulnerabilities and Threats to Avoid Downtime From Attacks

  • Every connected asset can become a threat vector. Ordr helps security teams identify cyber threats, manage exposure and protect against ransomware and other attacks. 
  • Detect vulnerabilities across every asset including medical IoMT devices 
  • Prioritize patching and threat response based on asset and organizational risk factors 
  • Identify threats early by pinpointing behavior anomalies outside of known-good baseline 
  • Find non-compliant devices such as medical devices in the guest VLAN 
Vulnerability and Prioritization with OrdrAI cyber asset inventory management platform.


Optimize Operations and Financial Stewardship With Device Utilization Insights 

How efficiently are your medical devices utilized? Ordr delivers insights into the usage of high-value equipment like MRI systems, CT scanners, and X-ray machines to reduce operational interruptions and optimize efficiencies:  

  • Ensure maintenance and patching are conducted during low-activity periods 
  • Inform capital investment decisions 
  • Optimize medical device inventory needed to address patient surge situations 
  • Reduce operational interruptions and manage medical device lifecycle 


Automate Response and Segmentation To Reduce Dwell Time 

Rapid response can be critical with cyber incidents. Ordr reduces dwell time and prevents lateral movement with automated policies and segmentation 

  • Broad integrations with existing workflows – ITSM, SIEM, security operations 
  • Comprehensive incident response — block, terminate, quarantine, Zero Trust segmentation  
  • Zero trust segmentation limits devices running outdated operating systems to “baseline” communications 
  • Orchestrate enforcement on firewalls, switches and network access control solutions 


Secure Mergers and Acquisitions  

Assess security risks from every asset as part of merger and acquisition due diligence. Quickly identify at-risk devices and visualize asset communications internally and externally using Ordr Flow Genome and our Traffic Analysis chart.

Montage Health Customer Logo

The visibility that we now have into our networked devices and their software inventory gives us greater assurance that we are properly maintaining and securing our systems to ensure that we can continue to provide excellent service and patient care.

Stacy Estrada Information Security Manager, Montage Health 
Franciscan Health Logo

The data visualization in Ordr gives us a huge amount of information. We have visibility into the risk profile of every piece of equipment.”

Chuck Christian Vice President of Technology and CTO, Franciscan Health 
El Camino Health Customer Logo

The power of the Ordr platform has always been its ability to automate device classification and behavioral modeling using AI. This is foundational to our Zero Trust and segmentation strategy.

Larry Smith Manager Cybersecurity Architecture and Engineering, El Camino Health.

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