Accelerate NAC, Segmentation and Zero Trust

NAC and segmentation are critical to Zero Trust initiatives. Ordr simplifies segmentation, from automating asset inventory to generating segmentation policies based on your business risks.  

Segmentation and NAC Acceleration with Ordr AI Asset Inventory Management

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10% of enterprises will have a mature and measurable zero trust program by 2026.  

cyberattacks targeting enterprises


By 2026, more than half of cyberattacks will be aimed at areas that zero- trust controls don’t cover and cannot mitigate.

respondents consider segmentation critical


Segmentation is recognized as an important element of zero-trust frameworks.


Ensure Only Trusted Devices Are Allowed On The Network 

For NAC and segmentation initiatives to succeed, security teams need granular visibility into all assets. Ordr simplifies this by automating asset visibility and delivering context needed to determine access – what is the device, where is it connecting from, what is the risk and compliance status, is the device behavior normal? Asset context can be shared with NAC solutions to ensure only trusted devices are allowed onto the network. 

SEE: Ensure Only Trusted Devices Are Allowed On The Network


Align Segmentation To Your Business Requirements

Ordr helps you align segmentation to your business requirements, whereever you may be on your journey. You can start with macro segmentation to limit risks, then progress to micro segmentation policies for specific types of assets. Finally, Zero Trust policies can limit vulnerable devices to least-privilege baseline communications.

  • Avoid errors from complex and manual processes 
  • Enhance security by dynamically adapting access rights when device trust changes 
  • Simplify creation of Zero Trust policies based on AI/ML baselining, not general policy suggestions 
  • Ensure security by ensuring new devices on the network are assigned to the appropriate “security proflie”  
Visualization of the OrdrAI Intelligent Asset Management Platform focused on Network Access Controls (NAC) and Segmentation


Enterprise-class Policy Generation That Scales With You 

You need to have confidence that your segmentation and NAC initiatives can scale with your business. Ordr offers deep in-house expertise on segmentation with proven, successful deployments at scale:

  • Simplify policy generation with one-click policy automation , and scale across multiple layers, zones and locations 
  • Optimize policies based on enforcement points (firewalls, switches, NAC)  
  • Ensure policies can be edited to adjust for real network scenarios like backup 
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Integrate With Your Preferred NAC And Segmentation Vendors 

A typical enterprise network supports a variety of vendors. Ordr supports the creation of policies across a variety of segmentation enforcement points—switches, firewalls, network access control solutions– from leading vendors. Select your preferred vendor.  

Technology Integration Partners of for Asset Inventory Management platforms to reduce risk and the attack surface.

Customer Case Studies

OrdrAI intelligence platform for Securing Healthcare IoT, IoMT, and IT Assets. Discover the

The power of the Ordr platform has always been its ability to automate device classification and behavioral modeling using AI. This is foundational to our Zero Trust and segmentation strategy.

Larry Smith, Manager, Cybersecurity Architecture and Engineering, El Camino Health. 
OrdrAI intelligence platform for Securing Healthcare IoT, IoMT, and IT Assets. Discover the

The thing we were astonished by was the visualization of the Ordr data. We found quite a few devices that had very out-of-date operating systems that we were not aware of, that we’re now addressing from an upgrade standpoint. We were able to mitigate those risks before anything happens.

Chuck Christian, Vice President of Technology and CTO, Franciscan Health
Manufacturing Industry Image on Ordr Inc website

Ordr automatically discovers all our managed and unmanaged devices and delivers critical insights through a real-time dashboard. Ordr also generates policies by type and enforces them to support microsegmentation, zero trust, and other network access controls.

Director of Information Security, Automotive Manufacturer

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