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How It Works

An AI-Powered Platform for Connected Devices

Detect and Mitigate Attacks Across the Kill Chain

Reduce the attack surface pre-attack

  • Automatically identify devices with risks and vulnerabilities
  • Simplify generation of Zero Trust segmentation policies
  • Proactively segment vulnerable and mission-critical devices

Detect known exploits and lateral movement

  • Monitor devices for attacker tools (Cobalt Strike, Eternal Blue)
  • Detect exploits and lateral movement with integrated IDS
  • Identify communications to malicious external domains with threat intelligence feeds

Continuously monitor for anomalies

  • Baseline communications and behaviors for every device
  • Analyze communications within subnets and VLANs
  • Analyze communications to the Internet

Automate Protection at Every Stage

Ordr makes it easy to protect every connected device, regardless of where it is and how it might be exposed. Ensure that all vulnerable and mission-critical devices are protected with proactive policies enabling functions while limiting exposure. Quickly mitigate risks during an attack with reactive policies—quarantine devices, block traffic, terminate sessions, or implement Zero Trust segmentation. When new indicators of compromise are announced, retrospectively identify infected devices already in the network.

Industry's ONLY SOC2-Certified Connected Device Security Platform

Customer privacy and data security are at the forefront of everything we do. Ordr is the only connected security platform that's SOC2-Certified.

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