Complete visibility and attack surface management for all assets – devices, users, applications, SaaS and cloud– so your teams can continuously improve their security posture and accelerate incident response. 


OrdrAI CAASM+ Overview Video

Asset Visibility And Management Benefits

Real-Time Asset Insights

Gain a real-time, accurate source of asset data, eliminating noise from duplicates. Enrich CMDB with trusted insights for all assets.

Eliminate Blind Spots

Continuously identify and classify hard-to-find unmanaged IoT and OT devices, eliminating security blind spots.

Improve Security Hygiene

Identify assets with vulnerabilities, missing critical security controls, running out-of-date software.

Accelerate Response

Accelerate incident response with asset insights. Automate remediation workflows using ITSM, SIEM, SOC integrations.

Use Cases

Simple Deployment, Actionable Insights

Comprehensive Asset Visibility & Management

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Gain automated asset inventory for all devices, users, applications, SaaS and cloud. Eliminate IoT and OT blind spots 

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Identify and report on security control gaps such as devices missing EDR or MDM agents, leveraging advanced analytics. This reduces exposure and reinforces your security framework 

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Focus remediation efforts by not only identifying all vulnerabilities but also prioritizing them according to threat level, asset type and organizational risk. Automate remediation and assign to the right device owners.

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Track user roles, login activities, and privilege levels with precision, enhancing your understanding and control over user access within your organization 

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Accelerate investigation efforts and response with complete asset visibility and deep asset context. 

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Automate reporting for standards like NIST, CIS, and Cyber Essentials. Dashboards and reports can be customized based on the business’s specific needs. 

Industry’s Most Accurate CAASM Solution

Accurate, Real-Time Visibility

OrdrAI CAASM+ consolidates and normalizes asset data, providing an accurate inventory and deep context on all assets. Track device connectivity, software inventory and SBOM, owner, and user activities. 

Asset Graph and Intelligent Analytics

Powerful asset graph, AI-enhanced analytics and customizable dashboards to gain actionable insights into security posture, gaps and risks.

Query With Natural Language

Get detailed answers to any questions about your environment and identify security gaps. Use natural language, no coding required.  

Continuous Vulnerability Management

Maintain an up-to-date security posture and ensure compliance with continuous, real-time monitoring of vulnerabilities. Prioritize based on organizational risks.  

Simple Deployment With Ecosystem Integrations

Deployment in minutes, visibility in hours. Extensible platform with 130+ out-of-the-box ecosystem integrations to leverage and enrich current investments.  

Automated Remediation

Simplify remediation with automated workflows with ITSM, SIEM, and SOC integrations. 

Ready to Start Securing Your Assets?