Empower Productivity and Collaboration In Higher Education 

Ordr ensures that every asset in higher education — laptops, mobile devices, BYOD, research and development assets, cloud and SaaS – is secure. Enable productivity, collaboration and cyber resilience. 

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Secure Explosive Growth of Assets in Higher Education 

Lack of Asset Visibility 

The volume and diversity of assets used in universities — from devices, cloud and SaaS applications—significantly expands the attack surface. However, visibility particularly with BYOD, IT and OT devices can be challenging. Ordr addresses this with complete asset visibility across the entire network.

Diverse Department Risks 

Higher education verticals face unique risks requirements from different departments– healthcare systems, research and development, undergraduate or graduate programs. Ordr’s Asset Intelligence Platform addresses the entire asset visibility and management journey, including segmentation between departments.

Regulatory Compliance 

Most higher education institutions need to adhere to specific regulatory compliance requirements, particularly if they receive government funding for sensitive department of defense or medical research. Ordr delivers asset inventory and insights into risks and threats, to simplify compliance and to enhance security.


Comprehensive Visibility For Every Asset

Ordr delivers complete, accurate visibility for every asset—devices, users, SaaS, cloud and applications—on the university network. 

  • Save time via a real-time inventory on all assets including IoT, OT, and IoMT devices, with ability to limit view to different departmental teams based on RBAC.
  • See granular device details like manufacturer, model, serial number, OS, support owner, connectivity and more.  
  • Identify issues such as devices banned by the government, running outdated operating systems, missing MDM/EDR agents or located in the wrong VLAN.
  • Enrich CMDB with real-time asset visibility.
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Protect Every Asset From Cyber Attacks 

Reduce risks and secure every asset. Create unique asset profiles for various departments, and monitor for vulnerabilities and threats. Map vulnerabilities for every asset including IOT, OT and IOMT devices. Detect cyberthreats that can impact studies and operations.  

  • Gain comprehensive coverage of all vulnerabilities, based on active scans and mapping to National Vulnerability and manufacturer database 
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on asset and university risk factors and automate remediation for the right owners 
  • Detect active exploits and risky communications with an integrated IDS and threat intelligence feeds 
  • Identify assets behaving abnormally, based on baseline known-good communications 
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Secure and Segment Via Automated Policies 

Reduce risks and dwell time. Ordr supports a variety of proactive and reactive security policies. For example, automate security policies during a security incident, such as block ports, terminate sessions or isolate asset. Create segmentation policies to stop lateral movement between different departments or Zero Trust segmentation to limit vulnerable devices to baseline communications.  

Secure your Higher Education Assets with Ordr. Reduce risks and dwell time.


Easily Address Compliance Regulations 

Ordr delivers cyber asset and risk insights, and customizable reports, to address compliance. Colleges and universities have begun adopting the NIST 800-171 security framework (U.S) or Cyber Essentials (UK) in recent years, given their partnerships and contractual ties to federal agencies. Universities conducting highly sensitive defense or medical research will likely also adhere to CMMC requirements.  

NIST compliance monitoring and dashboard in OrdrAI Asset Inventory Management.

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