Secure Every Asset in Financial Services For Cyber Resilience

Ordr helps financial services organizations secure every asset critical for delivering a modern customer experience. See every asset, protect against threats and address compliance requirements with ease.


See, Know, Secure Every Asset in Financial Services

Incomplete Asset Inventory

Inaccurate and incomplete asset visibility can lead to cybersecurity blindspots. Ordr unifies API, DPI and proprietary Ordr Discovery methods to deliver comprehensive and accurate asset insights on devices, users, applications, SaaS and cloud.

More threats and vulnerabilities

Financial services organizations are one of the most targeted verticals by threat actors. Ordr addresses vulnerabilities and cyberthreats that bring the biggest risks to the business.

Address Compliance Requirements

The financial services organization is a highly regulated industry. Ordr simplifies compliance audits for Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, FINRA, PCI, Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) and more with comprehensive asset data and reporting at your fingertips.


Discover and Classify Every Asset

No more spreadsheets, manual resources or scripts. Ordr delivers complete visibility into every asset—devices, users, SaaS, cloud and applications—critical to deliver efficient, modern customer experiences:

  • Gain accurate, comprehensive, asset visibility for devices, users, applications, SaaS and cloud, including hard-to-discover IoT and OT
  • See granular device details like manufacturer, model, serial number, OS, support owner, connectivity and more.
  • Identify issues like rogue or banned devices, and devices with outdated operating systems
  • Pinpoint security coverage gaps such as endpoints missing MDM/EDR agents
  • Map and analyze risky communications between assets and to the Internet
  • Enrich CMDB with real-time asset visibility


Manage Vulnerabilities And Protect Against Cyberthreats

Discover vulnerabilities across the entire financial services network– devices (IT, IOT, OT), users, applications, SaaS and cloud. Detect cyberthreats that can pose significant risks to profitability and financial services operations.

  • Gain comprehensive coverage of all vulnerabilities, including those on IoT and OT devices
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on multiple asset and organizational risk factors and automate remediation for the right owners
  • Detect active exploits and risky communications with an integrated IDS and threat intelligence feeds
  • Identify devices behaving abnormally, based on baseline known-good communications


Segmentation To Manage Risks

Segmentation is a cybersecurity best practice. Accelerate NAC and Zero Trust initiatives. Deploy Ordr to create segmentation policies that align to business needs – macro segmentation to isolate specific types of assets, and Zero Trust segmentation to limit vulnerable devices to baseline communications. Optimize policies based on enforcement points – firewalls, NAC or switches.



Easily Address Compliance Regulations

Financial services verticals face stringent compliance regulations. Ordr delivers cyber asset and risk insights, to address compliance regulations such as FFIEC, PCI-DSS, SOX, GLBA, NYCRR-500, FNRA, and other standards. Customize reporting and dashboards to meet specific needs.


Using Ordr’s device-centric threat and anomaly detection, Veritex Bank has also been able to detect and quickly address issues, even before being notified by our virtual SOC. This has helped the team accelerate response.

Bob Ludecke SVP and CISO Veritex Bank

Using network architecture to help protect devices only goes so far if you can’t profile device behavior and understand existing vulnerabilities. The Ordr platform gives you that visibility to understand how every device is being used.

CISO Financial Services Organization (788 Branches Across 17 States)

Asset discovery is extremely important but understanding what risks are around those assets is critical. If you don’t have an individual profile for each asset, your system treats them the same. Understanding assets and their risks is how CSOs should approach security.

CISO Financial Services Organization (788 branches, 17 states)

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