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Ordr is committed to safeguarding your investment by providing a variety of support services that meet your needs and keep visibility into all of your organization’s key assets.  We have assembled a skilled team of networking and security staff who possess the highest level of technical expertise and product experience, and who are at your disposal anywhere in the world, day or night.   As an investment and as representative of our commitment to your success, our support team is only comprised of escalation engineers – there is no scripted tier-I ‘helpdesk’ to manage through – you will have direct access to highly skilled Engineers, making this an invaluable addition to your resources while enabling your team to focus the most strategic business initiatives.

The Ordr Support Portal provides you with access to the latest product documentation, knowledge base, a case management portal, and Ordr University where access is provided to modules 1-10 of our introductory training course, Foundations .  

TEL 833.673.7998
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