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Proactive protection for today’s hyper-connected enterprise.

Artful Insight

Knowledge is power. Know exactly what’s connected to the network, in real time, all the time. Know what’s vulnerable and why. It’s simple when you take control.

Absolute Control

Everything in its right place. Your hyper-connected enterprise shouldn’t breed chaos. You have the power to enforce regulation, on your terms. It’s calm when you take control.

Acute Protection

Close the loop. You deserve better than another source of alerts. You need security automation and implementation, all in one place. It’s safe when you take control.

Product Features

Identify and Classify

Ordr Systems Control Engine (SCE) is the only purpose-built solution that fully maps every microscopic device detail and its context – the device flow genome – at massive scale, using machine learning to completely and continuously inspect and baseline the behavior of every device. Ordr detects exposed vulnerabilities and delivers intricate risk scores for priority attention and mitigation. All in real-time, all-the-time, delivered in an elegantly simple UI.


Ordr Systems Control Engine monitors and analyzes all device communications, and delivers real-time communications flow analytics. Regulate flow and behavior by device type, group, location, function, application, the control is yours. Ordr SCE automatically detects anomalous behavior including out of flow communication, unusual data and application usage, and off baseline cadence and activity. And it’s real-time, so any new connected systems are immediately regulated when connected.


The Ordr SCE architecture is unique in its ability to process enormous quantities of data in real-time, using sophisticated AI to deliver truly proactive protection, automatically generating policies for each class of device. The Ordr SCE is seamlessly integrated with incumbent network and security infrastructure to implement security policies directly and automatically. This is truly no-touch, agentless protection for business-critical assets.

Elegantly Simple

We make the incredibly complex, amazingly simple.


Ordr is deployed in minutes, with zero impact to existing infrastructure. With simple access to a SPAN port, Ordr instantly begins to ingest data from multiple sources.


Ordr analyzes network traffic and immediately begins to identify & classify all connected devices and systems, and delivers granular device, system and risk intelligence.


Ordr gives you the power to take control of your environment through an elegantly simple UI, utilizing sophisticated AI for truly proactive enterprise protection.

Don’t just take our word for it.

We need to know exactly what’s connected, how and when it’s being used, and how to protect it. And we need to be able to do all of that quickly and easily, as our focus must remain on delivering quality care. The Ordr solution will give us the detailed insights we need and the power to take control of the regulation, utilization and security of our connected health care systems
Robert Bundick Director of Biomedical Engineering ProHealth Care
The major healthcare cybersecurity attacks capture all the attention, while organizations are vulnerable daily to thousands of IoT sources. Ordr offers a solution that enable organizations to effectively and efficiently manage those vulnerabilities.
William C. Reed EVP & Partner The Huntzinger Management Group, Inc.
When I first saw Ordr I just said, ‘I’ve got to find the money for this tool’, and now it’s a tool we use every day to monitor what’s going on in our environment, see what risks we have, and help us mitigate those risks.
Clint Perkinson Director of Information Systems Beebe Healthcare
We need much more than simple medical device inventory management. We need very granular detail on every connected device in order to understand exactly what it is doing, what it’s supposed to be doing, its potential risks and vulnerabilities. Ordr not only delivers that detail, it gives us the power to use that data to automatically generate and implement sophisticated regulation and security policies using our existing infrastructure.
Jeff Cash CIO Mercy Medical Center
After witnessing the success of the Ordr software implementation in multiple sites, I’m impressed with the insights the tool provides regarding network and device vulnerabilities. It offers a comprehensive view of all activity and identifies potential threats in a very user-friendly dashboard.
James Wagner Founding Advisor Next Wave Health Advisors

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