Enable A Seamless Customer Experience By Securing Retail And Hospitality Assets

Ordr empowers retail and hospitality businesses to secure all assets to protect brand value and enable a positive customer experience.


Secure, modern retail and hospitality environments in-store and online with comprehensive cybersecurity asset management 

Expansion of Attack Surface

Most security solutions have blind spots with IoT and OT devices such as point-of-sale devices (PoS), smart displays and sensors used to deliver a seamless customer experience. Ordr offers comprehensive asset visibility and security tailored for every asset within tretail and hospitality environments.  

Safeguarding PII and PCI data

The retail and hospitality sectors gather, process, and store significant volumes of sensitive customer data, including personally identifiable information (PII) and payment card data (PCI) that need to be protected. Ordr can identify assets with this information, and reduce the scope of compliance via segmentation.

Identifying and Responding to Threats

Identifying not only known threats, but also when an asset deviates from its normal behavior, is paramount for early threat detection and response. Ordr enables you to effectively detect anomalies, pinpoint malicious communications or active threats, and accelerate incident response.


Discover and Classify Every Asset

Ordr delivers real-time visibility into all devices, cloud assets, applications, SaaS apps, and users—critical for a modern retail and hospitality customer experience:

  • Gain real-time, accurate asset data and insights for devices, users, applications, SaaS and cloud, including hard-to-discover IoT and OT 
  • See granular device details like manufacturer, model, serial number, OS, support owner, connectivity and more. 
  • Identify issues like rogue or banned devices, and devices with outdated operating systems 
  • Pinpoint security coverage gaps such as endpoints missing MDM/EDR agents 
  • Map and analyze risky communications between assets and to the Internet 
  • Enrich CMDB with real-time asset visibility 


Automatically Surface Your Risks & Exposures

Maintain a seamless customer experience and minimize business downtime by identifying and prioritizing top vulnerabilities and threats.  Ordr provides retail and hospitality organizations with comprehensive visibility into the vulnerability landscape for both managed and unmanaged devices. Enable efficient incident response across global retail and hospitality teams with a prioritized list of vulnerabilities including risk scores and automated workflows assigned to the correct device owner. Detect known and unknown threats.

  • Gain comprehensive coverage of all vulnerabilities, including those on IoT and OT devices
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on multiple asset and organizational risk factors and automate remediation for the right owners
  • Detect active exploits and risky communications with an integrated IDS and threat intelligence feeds
  • Identify devices behaving abnormally, based on baseline known-good communications



Segmentation To Manage Risks

In the retail and hospitality industry, segmentation is a cybersecurity best practice to reduce lateral movement and secure mission-critical assets Accelerate your Network Access Control (NAC) and Zero Trust initiatives by deploying Ordr to establish segmentation policies tailored to your business requirements. Implement macro segmentation to isolate specific types of assets, while adopting Zero Trust segmentation to restrict vulnerable devices to baseline communications. Fine-tune policies based on enforcement points such as firewalls, NAC, or switches, optimizing security measures for your unique operational environment.. 



Protect customer data and maintain compliance 

Compliance can be a challenge for the retail and hospitality sectors, because of the myriad of assets that may include sensitive PII or PCI data. With limited resources, automation is key to efficiently managing security controls and coverage gaps. Automate inventory and identify assets with PII or PCI data. Simplify compliance across various frameworks, such as NIST, PCI DSS, and other standards with Ordr’s comprehensive reporting tools designed to streamline the compliance process. Dashboards and reports can be customized based on the business’s specific needs.  


Ready to Start Securing Your Assets?