OrdrAI Protect  

Discover and secure every mission-critical device — from traditional IT to vulnerable IOT, OT, IOMT devices — from advanced cyber attacks.


Secure Mission-Critical Assets

Eliminate Blind Spots

Discover high-fidelity asset context with highly accurate AI/ML powered classification of every asset including IT, IoT, OT and IoMT.  

Reduce Risks To Your Business

Identify vulnerabilities for managed and unmanaged devices. Prioritize remediation based on risk scores and assign to device owner.   

Accelerate Response

Identify known and unknown threats with an integrated intrusion detection engine and AI/ML-based anomaly detection. Automate incident response policies.

Enable Cyber Resilience

Confidently create Zero Trust segmentation policies to prevent lateral movement or isolate devices based on baseline communications.  


Visibility and Security for IT, IOT, OT, IOMT 

Asset inventory & management

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Automate hardware and software asset inventory across IT, IoT, IoMT, OT. Visualize asset connections and communications with detailed mapping, providing clarity on network interactions and potential risks.

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Prioritize vulnerabilities and assess the attack surface with customizable risk scoring aligned with business priorities. Quickly close vulnerabilities for IoT, IoMT, and OT devices with automated workflows assigned to the right owners.  

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Stay ahead of threats with real-time monitoring that detects and alerts on active threats, anomalous behaviors and risky communications. 

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Address compliance frameworks such as NIST-CSF, CIS Controls Cyber Essentials, CMMC, NHS DSP Toolkit, and more. Identify non-compliant devices like those running outdated OS or devices in the wrong VLAN/subnet.  

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Accelerate Cisco ISE, Aruba ClearPass, FortiNAC projects with rich context, and automated policies for connected devices.  Generate Zero Trust segmentation policies, limiting vulnerable devices to “baseline” communications.  

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Share deep asset context with SIEM/SOC with automated workflows, facilitating faster and more informed incident response. 

Industry’s Most Powerful Platform To Protect Mission-Critical Devices 

Ordr Software Inventory Collector

Gain context about applications running on devices, similar to a real-time SBOM. Know OS patches and updates, 3rd-party software installed, AV software status, disk encryption and BIOS password status to inform exposure and risk management.

Vulnerability Lifecycle Management

Map comprehensive vulnerabilities for every device via integrations (National Vulnerability Database etc). Prioritize remediation based on risk scores, and automate tasks for the device owner.  

Ordr Flow Genome

Profile the behavior of every device, including internal and external communications. AI/ML technology establishes baseline communications patterns to surface anomalies or create Zero Trust segmentation policies.

Comprehensive Threat Detection

Quickly identify both known and unknown threats through our integrated IDS and AI/ML-based anomaly detection. Visualize East-West communications between devices and to external malicious domains.

Utilization insights

Know device utilization insights for operational and budgeting decisions. Analyze real-time device usage to schedule maintenance and patching, support capital spend decisions and optimize operations.

Automated Response

Accelerate response by generating policies to quarantine a device, block ports, terminate sessions. Address Zero Trust initiatives by creating segmentation policies to limit vulnerable devices to known good baseline.

The power of the Ordr platform has always been its ability to automate device classification and behavioral modeling using AI. This is foundational to our Zero Trust and segmentation strategy.

Larry Smith Manager Cybersecurity Architecture and Engineering, El Camino Health.

The visibility that we now have into our networked devices and their software inventory gives us greater assurance that we are properly maintaining and securing our systems to ensure that we can continue to provide excellent service and patient care.

Stacy Estrada Information Security Manager, Montage Health 

Using network architecture to help protect devices only goes so far if you can’t profile device behavior and understand existing vulnerabilities. The Ordr platform gives you that visibility to understand how every device is being used.

CISO Financial Services Organization (788 Branches Across 17 States)

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