Read Ordr Security Bulletin on Volt Typhoon Advisory Read more here!

Clinical Systems

Integrate with Clinical Systems like BD, Trimedx and others

Cloud and Data Center

Extend visibility to cloud and data center assets


Enrich CMMS/CMDB and deliver single source of truth for all assets

Endpoint and User Management

Integrate with key processes and services such as Active Directory

Endpoint Protection

Extend security to all agentless devices

IP Management

Integrate with IPAM solutions


Create ITSM tickets for patch management and other work iteams

Mobile Device Management

Extend visibility to remote endpoints

Network Access Control

Accelerate NAC solutions with complete device classification and automated policies

Network Aggregators

Automatically discover and classify devices via seamless integration with network aggregators.

Next-Generation Firewalls

Discover devices via integration with NGFW; generate policies to block ports, terminate sessions, or segment devices.


Enrich SIEM platforms with rich connected device context

Single Sign On

Secure and simplify access to Ordr

Threat Intelligence

Automate threat detection and risk assessment

User Authentication

Enable MFA/2FA Access for Ordr platform users

Vulnerability Management Solutions

Trigger scans, and enrich vulnerability management solutions with Ordr details on connected devices

Wired Infrastructure

Discover devices and enforce policies on wired infrastructure

Wireless Infrastructure

Discover devices and enforce policies on wireless infrastructure