A basic tenet of network security and regulatory compliance is that “You cannot secure what you cannot see.” Gigamon and Ordr have teamed to deliver unsurpassed visibility and control into every thing connected to your network. 

How It Works

The Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric (VAF) optimizes data collection of all north-south and east-west traffic across branch, campus, data center and cloud. Collected data is delivered to Ordr for analysis to ensure comprehensive device classification and visibility into all device communications. Integration with Gigamon VAF also eliminates concerns of SPAN security and potential impact to network infrastructure with “yet another SPAN port or session.” 

By integrating with Gigamon VAF, customers can significantly reduce the number of Ordr sensors required to comprehensively discover and monitor  every network-connected device, simplifying your network and security monitoring architecture. 


  • Real-time asset inventory – Ordr continuously analyzes device traffic sent from Gigamon to passively discover an automatically classify every device connected to the network to help you maintain an up-to-date and accurate inventory.
  • Connected device risk – using the traffic captured and optimized by Gigamon Hawk, Ordr calculates device risk scores and uncovers connected devices with risk such as outdated operating systems, unpatched software, weak passwords, and manufacturer recalls. Ordr also maps and baselines device communications to identify risk and stop attacks.
  • Accelerate Zero Trust – working together, Gigamon and Ordr can map and baseline all IT, IoT and other device communications. Ordr can then dynamically create Zero Trust policies to simplify and accelerate NAC and segmentation projects. These policies can be enforced with popular security and network devices to integrate with existing infrastructure tools.