Fortinet and Ordr have partnered to deliver an industry-leading IoT and unmanaged device security solution by integrating FortiManager, FortiGate and FortiNAC with Ordr Systems Control Engine (SCE)

How it works

Automated Visibility and Security of All Connected Devices 

Ordr SCE automatically creates a complete asset inventory, identifies and prioritizes asset risk, and tracks and risk-rates asset communications patterns. Ordr transmits this critical security context to Fortinet FortiGate, FortiManager, and FortiNAC, allowing administrators to create and apply firewall and NAC policies using business-relevant groups, classifications, and device names, while understanding the full risk profile and impact of each change. Ordr further reduces administrative costs by automatically updating asset groupings as devices join and leave the network, as well as by creating and transmitting security policies directly to FortiGate and FortiManager for enforcement. 


With the integration, joint customers can now: 

  • Discover and inventory every connected network asset, including the massive volume of IoT and unmanaged devices, and make available across the Fortinet Security Fabric, from endpoint to edge, through FortiNAC, FortiManager, and FortiGate 
  • Establish comprehensive security controls that restrict IoT devices to known-good network behaviors 
  • Manage firewall and NAC policies using business-relevant context such as device type, manufacturer, location, risk, and function rather than IP addresses 
  • Automate updates of firewall groups and address info to ensure consistent policy enforcement regardless of device location, VLAN, or IP assignment, thus drastically reducing operational costs and downtime 
  • Protect critical devices with automated, zone-based segmentation and microsegmentation within zones