Ordr Named Market Leader in KLAS Healthcare IoT Security Report

The adoption of security solutions for the healthcare internet of things (IoT) continues to grow as healthcare organizations look for ways to manage risks associated with connected devices. In most deployments, organizations have shifted their approach to a “whole hospital” security strategy, addressing both medical devices and the broader IoT devices found in healthcare settings.

KLAS spoke with 51 healthcare organizations for their “Decision Insights: Healthcare IoT Security” report to understand which IoT security vendors are being selected and why.

In this report, Ordr was named a leader in Healthcare IoT Security for the second year in a row because of the following:

  • The breadth and number of devices Ordr can detect;
  • The highly granular visibility the solution provides;
  • Ordr’s culture of “flexibility and willingness to partner;”
  • Strong technology integrations that help drive value with the solution; and,
  • High customer satisfaction

Download a summary of this report Decision Insights: Healthcare IoT Security to learn more.