Rise Of The Machines

2020 Enterprise of Things Adoption and Risks Report

Your organization is adopting IoT devices. What are the security issues to consider?

Our Rise Of The Machines: 2020 Enterprise of Things Adoption and Risks Report profiles adoption and risks for more than 5 million unmanaged, IoMT and IoT devices deployed in customer environments from June 2019 to June 2020.

We reveal interesting insights from these deployments:

  • 20% of deployments had PCI compliance violations
  • 75% of deployments had VLAN violations
  • 86% of Healthcare deployments had more than 10 FDA Recalls against their medical IoT devices
  • 95% of healthcare deployments had Amazon Echo and Alexas active in their environment
  • Devices were discovered being used for bitcoin mining and communicating to hostile countries, including Iran, Russia and North Korea.

Read this report and get up to speed on IoT adoption and risks, so you can better protect your business.